How to be respectful and respected (2024)

Respect is the glue that holds your relationships together. Learn ways to be respectful and know what to do when somebody isn’t respectful toward you.

How to be respectful and respected (1)

Why is respect important?

Giving and receiving respect from others is important because it helps us to feel safe and to express ourselves.

Being respected by important people in our lives growing up teaches us how to be respectful toward others.

Respect means that you accept somebody for who they are, even when they’re different from you or you don’t agree with them.

Respect in your relationships builds feelings of trust, safety, and wellbeing.

Respect doesn’t have to come naturally – it is something you learn.

What does respect look like?

Think about all the different situations in life where you have to get along with others – how do you know if there’s respect in your relationship?

You feel safe being around each other

You know it’s ok for both of you to express who you are

You don’t yell or talk over the top of each other

When you disagree you listen to each other and be patient

Neither of you is controlling the other person’s choices

You both allow the other person space if they need it

You can both admit when you’ve made a mistake

"When I was at school, I felt like I didn't really fit in... I felt like I was judged for it which made me feel a little bit embarrassed."

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Signs of a disrespectful relationship

Unfortunately, not all friendships or relationships are mutually respectful. Sometimes, you might find yourself dealing with toxic behaviours from friends/family/intimate partners, or even experiencing emotional abuse.

Here’s what disrespect can look like:

  • Being ghosted, ignored or given the ‘silent treatment’
  • Being criticised or insulted
  • Being humiliated, punished, blamed or threatened
  • They lie, make up rumours or do other actions designed to hurt you or your reputation
  • Your thoughts and feelings being dismissed or minimised
  • Weaponised insecurities – they bring up stuff or highlight stuff you’re uncomfortable/ embarrassed about or told them in secret
  • You feel like the stuff you say is always ‘wrong’
  • They make everything about them

How can disrespect impact your relationships?

We get a lot of our self-worth from how the people we care about see us. Being disrespected can make you feel not good enough, worthless or like no one will want to be in a friendship or relationship with you.

I'm being disrespected... what can I do?

Sometimes we find ourselves not feeling respected by other people, including our family or friends.

While it’s not always possible to change somebody and make them respect you, there are some things you can try:

Show people what respect looks like by being respectful yourself

Communicate clearly – they may not realise how you feel

Set some boundaries/stand up for yourself

Spend time with people who are respectful and make you feel safe

Tell the person what they are doing isn’t ok and be specific

Talk to somebody you trust like a parent, teacher, or counsellor

Try to understand their point of view

Give that person a chance to change their behaviour toward you

It’s ok to end friendships with people if they can’t be respectful and you don’t feel safe around them


Don’t forget to have respect for yourself too!

Self-respect means accepting yourself as you are. It’s not about being perfect – it’s about knowing that you’re deserving of respect simply for being you.

Self-respect also means being part of respectful relationships and not putting up with disrespect. Ending a relationship that isn’t respectful is a way of respecting yourself.

"You can call out disrespect or discrimination by saying 'we don't do that here'. Anyone can be a disrespect upstander."

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How to be respectful and respected (2024)


How to be respectful and respected? ›

Be kind and courteous. Be polite, avoid interrupting or causing disturbances. Listen to others and respect differences in beliefs and opinions. Think before you speak, your language and tone.

How do I start being respected? ›

  1. 6 Traits You Must Adopt to Become a Highly Respected Person. How to Grow Your Influence and Increase Your Value to Society. ...
  2. Never let anyone hear you complain. Complaining is easy. ...
  3. Carry yourself with confidence. ...
  4. Own up to your mistakes. ...
  5. Be true to your word. ...
  6. Be open-minded. ...
  7. Control your emotions.
Feb 17, 2024

How can I be truly respected? ›

Here are 99 simple reminders to make sure you're on the right path.
  1. Give more than you get. Give respect to get respect.
  2. Respect yourself. Respect comes first from within.
  3. Offer respect. ...
  4. Maintain your integrity. ...
  5. Keep your promises. ...
  6. Add value. ...
  7. Learn to spell Respect: ...
  8. Find people doing the right thing.
May 20, 2015

How do you truly respect someone? ›

Treating someone with respect means: showing regard for their abilities and worth • valuing their feelings and their views, even if you don't necessarily agree with them • accepting them on an equal basis and giving them the same consideration you would expect for yourself.

What is the best way to respect? ›

7 Ways to Be Respectful (And a One-Step Trick to Getting More Respect From Others)
  1. Listen and be present. ...
  2. Be thoughtful of others' feelings. ...
  3. Acknowledge others and say thank you. ...
  4. Address mistakes with kindness. ...
  5. Make decisions based on what's right, not who you like. ...
  6. Respect physical boundaries. ...
  7. Live and let live.

How to gain lost respect? ›

Things You Should Know
  1. Own up to your mistakes by acknowledging what you did and apologizing sincerely. ...
  2. Show your partner you're dependable by being true to your word. ...
  3. Be vulnerable with them by communicating openly and honestly about how you feel.

How to make a disrespectful person respect you? ›

Try disarming them with kindness.

If someone is being disrespectful or rude, responding with kindness can take them by surprise and encourage them to rethink their behavior. Instead of getting upset or retaliating, try deescalating the situation with a smile and a few kind words.

What does disrespect look like? ›

Many behaviors can be considered disrespectful in relationships and marriage, such as manipulation, a disregard for feelings, nagging or criticisms, and lying. Manipulation occurs when a person overtly tricks another person in a devious way.

How to stop disrespecting yourself? ›

Be mindful of your own intuition and experience in your decisions and, again, accept that they are valuable. Stop doing thing you don't believe in or don't like- be it in professional or in your relationships or whatever- and start making decisions that break the cycle.

What are 5 ways to show respect? ›

We want to continue to create an inclusive environment, therefore, here are our top 10 ways to show respect to one another:
  • Be kind and courteous.
  • Be polite, avoid interrupting or causing disturbances.
  • Listen to others and respect differences in beliefs and opinions.
  • Think before you speak, your language and tone.

What are the 7 rules of respect? ›

As defined by Pham, the “7 Forms of Respect” are: procedure, punctuality, information, candor, consideration, acknowledgement, and attention.

What are the three respect rules? ›

This lesson can easily allow you to create the common 3 rules of respect: respect yourself, respect others, and respect our space.

What is the greatest form of respect? ›

When you take the time to listen to someone, really take the time to listen properly; it shows you value the person, which is the ultimate form of respect.

How can I be self respected? ›

How to Respect Yourself: 5 Ways to Build Self-Respect
  1. Be with people who bring out your light. ...
  2. Practice what brings you joy. ...
  3. Prioritize self-care. ...
  4. Remove negativity from your life. ...
  5. Write yourself affirmations.
Feb 22, 2023

How do you establish respect? ›

Respect is established when you consistently: consider and value the feelings and opinions of your partner; talk to and treat your partner in ways that you would want to be treated; and compromise and negotiate with your partner.

How do you become the most respected person? ›

Let's make the world a better place again.
  1. There's a difference between being liked and being respected. ...
  2. Give respect to other people: ...
  3. Consistently keep your promises: ...
  4. Let your actions speak louder than your words: ...
  5. Help others when they need it: ...
  6. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it: ...
  7. Say what you mean:
Jun 28, 2019

How do I learn to be more respectful? ›

We want to continue to create an inclusive environment, therefore, here are our top 10 ways to show respect to one another:
  1. Be kind and courteous.
  2. Be polite, avoid interrupting or causing disturbances.
  3. Listen to others and respect differences in beliefs and opinions.
  4. Think before you speak, your language and tone.

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