POE 3.21 Best Caster Mastery for Endgame Farming (2024)

We go over the new Caster Mastery and why it is a true gamechanger for endgame farming. Tried out a new farm involving 100% Delirium with Chayula Sextant. Super annoying having to click on all of the small hands in order to get Chayula Splinters. Decided to try out the new Caster Mastery.

What is the New Caster Mastery?

New Caster Mastery grants 25% chance to open nearby Chests when you cast a spell. Everyone thought this mastery was a meme, but this mastery is the best part of playing any caster builds. Speeds up farming by an extraordinary degree and saves your hands.

What Are Chests?

Chests are interactable objects found throughout various that can be opened, broken, or activated to drop random or specific items, affected by area item quantity but not affected by player quantity, strongboxes, barrels, vaal vessels, abyssal troves, and breach hands are categorized as chest.

How To Take Advantage of Mastery?

  • Great for farming Blight and opening all of the chests at the end.

  • Makes it so you do not have to click on each Legion Chests one by one after clearing.

  • Can focus on full clearing the breach instead of playing Whack-a-mole and try to click on the hands that pop up.

  • Will make you richer as you might just find a Mirror Kalandra from a random chest or barrel opening.

  • Opens all strongboxes without consent, so you will have to unspec if you are running enraged strongboxes and want to take advantage of altars, can clear map without mastery and spec in point after full clear the map, allows you to open strongboxes from ranged and stay in point after you clear the map.

  • Works with Expedition Chests.

  • Do not use in Heist.

Final Tips

We’re worry about this mastery, and the quality of life with having less overall clicks makes certain farms much more enjoyable. Maybe the caster mastery is the first step towards GGG allowing us to having more Quality of Life with looting. Players forget how click-intensive Path of Exile used to be without stacking POE currency. Imagine a loot pet that could pick up smaller poe currencies.

POE 3.21 Best Caster Mastery for Endgame Farming (2024)
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