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Lu Ten was the son of General Iroh, the nephew of Ozai and Ursa, the cousin of Zuko and Azula, the grandson of Azulon, the great-grandson of Sozin, and second in line to the Fire Nation throne. While serving his nation in combat as a soldier in the Fire Army, he was killed during his father's famous six-hundred-day Siege of Ba Sing Se.

Lu Ten's death had a traumatic impact upon his father, causing him to abandon the siege, ultimately providing an opportunity for Ozai to usurp the birthright of Fire Lord from his brother.[5]

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Lu Ten and Iroh had a strong relationship during Lu Ten's childhood, which remained during his adulthood.[6] Lu Ten also enjoyed visiting Ember Island with the rest of the royal family.[7]

At some point, Lu Ten became a soldier in the Fire Nation military, serving under his father's command. Despite this, they remained jovial and informal in each other's presence even when on duty.[8] At one point during his military career, Lu Ten participated in the defense of Jasmine Island.[9]

Lu Ten lost his life in combat against the Earth Kingdom five years before the end of the Hundred Year War during the Siege of Ba Sing Se. He was mortally wounded around the same time that Iroh breached the city's Outer Wall,[10] and soon succumbed to his wounds.[4] His father only later learned of his son's situation, and by the time he was informed, Lu Ten was already dead.[5]


Iroh was so heartbroken by his son's death that he abandoned the siege of the city,[5][11] claiming that he and his men were exhausted from the extensive time away from home.[12] Even though the retreat was ultimately linked to his son's demise, it was also rooted in Iroh realizing that his armies had suffered very heavy losses and had reached their breaking point.[13][4]

When Lu Ten's uncle, Prince Ozai, learned of his death and Iroh's subsequent actions, he petitioned their father, Fire Lord Azulon, to appoint him as heir to the throne, claiming that Lu Ten's death meant that the royal bloodline would end with Iroh, since he had no other heir. Azulon was enraged at such a request and saw fit to have Ozai's firstborn, Prince Zuko, killed as punishment, but because of his mysterious death soon after, Ozai was able to take the throne.[5] Although Iroh was the elder brother, he did not challenge Ozai's claim, as he was too devastated by the death of both Lu Ten as well as Azulon. He had lost his desire for power.[14]

Iroh eventually managed to access the Spirit World where he searched for Lu Ten, to no avail. Overall, the loss of his son and the experiences during his travels had a profound effect upon Iroh, whose personality shifted more toward a calm acceptance of life rather than continuing to participate in the Fire Nation's war efforts.[8][11]


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Avatar: The Last Airbender[]

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  • Lu Ten was first mentioned during the Siege of the North when Iroh informed Zuko that after Lu Ten's death, he began treating Zuko like his own son.
    • He was mentioned by name for the first time by Zuko in a flashback during "Zuko Alone".
    • A younger Lu Ten was seen in "Bitter Work" and a picture of an older Lu Ten was displayed at Iroh's altar for him during "Tales of Ba Sing Se".
    • Zuko had a flashback showing himself, Iroh, and a young Lu Ten during "The Beach". He is pictured as adult soldier in Avatar: The Last Airbender: Legacy of the Fire Nation.
  • The Avatar Extras bonus commentary for "The Tales of Ba Sing Se" misspelled Lu Ten's name, spelling it as Lu Tin.
  • The words in the top left of Lu Ten's portrait can be roughly translated as: "General Iroh, I will see you again when victory is obtained. Your loyal son, Lu Ten".


  1. When Zuko was sixteen,[2] he mused that Lu Ten had "not [been] much older than I was" at the time of his death.[3]


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Lu Ten (2024)


What happened to Lu Ten? ›

Lu Ten lost his life in combat against the Earth Kingdom five years before the end of the Hundred Year War during the Siege of Ba Sing Se. He was mortally wounded around the same time that Iroh breached the city's Outer Wall, and soon succumbed to his wounds.

How old was Lu Ten when he died? ›

So after around 10 years of this happy place, Lu Ten died in the battlefield. His age range from 19-22 years old. P.S. Ozai is around 28 years old during this Ember Island time, his age in the old wiki was stated to be 45, so he was around 27 years old when he married by discounting Zuko's 16 years old.

Was Zuko close to Lu Ten? ›

In his younger years, Zuko spent quality time with Iroh and Lu Ten. Zuko's relationship with Lu Ten was primarily unknown, although it was evident that they got along well, as seen in one of Zuko's flashbacks of his cousin in which he was present as Lu Ten and Iroh were building a sandcastle together.

Who is Lu Ten in Avatar? ›

Lu Ten is Iroh's long-dead son from Avatar - The Last Airbender. He was killed via an unspecified death at Ba Sing Se during the failed siege.

What if Lu Ten survived? ›

If Lu-Ten never died, he would have absolutely gone through with conquered Ba Sing Se. The achievement in being the first general to have done so would have made him a legend, and it would have catapulted him straight to being the most feared Firelord to date.

Who is General Iroh's wife? ›

The canon (the TV shows and the comics) of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: The Legend of Korra never give any indication or insight into who Iroh's wife was.

Who did Zuko marry? ›

Zuko's love life is a mystery, with fan theories suggesting he may have married Mai or Suki, but the true answer is never confirmed.

How did Zuko get his scar? ›

Zuko's facial scar is a result of a brutal fire duel, known as an Agni Kai, with his father, Fire Lord Ozai. This powerful display of punishment ties into Zuko's tragic history. Zuko had to duel his father because he disrespected a Fire Nation General during a war meeting.

Was Lu Ten a prince? ›

A Prince of the Fire Nation and soldier in its war against the Earth Kingdom, and only son of General Iroh, Lu Ten died in combat against Dai Li Agents during the Siege of Ba Sing Se.

How powerful was Iroh's son? ›

As the child of Iroh, if Lu Ten was a bender he would have probably been one of the most powerful firebenders in the world.

Who does Korra end up with? ›

Korra and Asami confirming their support and belief in their relationship. Korra and Asami shared a kiss while on a romantic getaway in the Spirit World. Traveling around the Spirit World together, the two strengthened their relationship by spending more time together as a couple and having deeper conversations.

Was Fire Lord Azulon murdered? ›

How did Azulon die? Azulon died after being secretly poisoned by his son, Ozai. The poison was provided by Ursa, who did so to protect her son, Zuko, after Ozai was ordered to kill him by his father. This allowed Ozai to be crowned as the new Fire Lord, as per Azulon's alleged dying wish.

How old was Zuko when Lu Ten died? ›

When Zuko was eleven years old, his cousin, Lu Ten, died in battle. General Iroh, devastated by the loss of his only child, abandoned his 600-day siege of the Earth Kingdom capital city, Ba Sing Se.

Who is the pregnant lady in Avatar? ›

Ying was Than's wife and the mother of Hope. She traveled with her husband and sister-in-law through the Serpent's Pass alongside Team Avatar while heavily pregnant, intending to reach the safety of Ba Sing Se.

Who is Amon's father in Avatar? ›

Amon's real name is Noatak. He is the son of the former crime boss Yakone and Tarrlok's brother.

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